With its ultra soft natural rubber teat and borosilicate glass bottle, the Hevea Green 2 in 1 glass bottle is a bottle suitable for your baby. Healthy and safe, it does not contain plastic or any other controversial substance. Odorless, without taste or odor transfer, this bottle offers perfect hygiene and safety.

It comes with a removable star pattern rubber ball, which makes it easy to catch even for small hands and protects it from mechanical impact. Resistant to thermal shock, the Hevea bottle is dishwasher safe, as is its 100% natural and biodegradable rubber teat.

Durable and ecological, this aesthetic and smart object offers a new vision of the bottle.

(09) Glass bottle and its ball

  • Composition: 100% borosilicate bottle, 100% natural rubber ball and teat

    Sterilize before first use

    Slow flow teat (0-3 months), natural rubber