This soft baby ball is a captivating activity for them. Very early on, babies gravitate towards rolling things because they are fascinated by its continuous flow. It allows them to feel in control of something other than their own movements.

The little rattle bell that rings when baby shakes it calls your baby's attention.

For toddlers, rolling a ball back and forth is one way to bond. It is also an introduction to the concept of cause and effect.

Why it's a favorite of moms and babies :

  • Strengthens motor skills
  • Encourages babies to crawl
  • Helps develop a sense of balance
  • Promotes the exchange from one hand to the other
  • Develop early reflexes in children such as grabbing, throwing, rolling and grabbing

(09) Montessori ball (nougat / white)

Tranche d'âge jouets
  • Eco-friendly: Made from 99.5% recycled plastic (poly microfiber).

    Easy Care: Machine wash at 40 °.