Toys and gifts

A whole family of fluff made of 100% organic fabric

The plush is the perfect baby playmate from birth. Several sizes, they form a real adorable little family

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Books works of art

The book is a wonderful place to discover the world around us.

An ideal gift from birth!


The musical or decorative mobile

It can take the form of a soft toy or a cushion, the musical mobile brings calm and softness to baby from a very young age

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Seed of champions

Educational games that balance the competitive spirit of little budding champions.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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Chairs and tables for playing

The essential furniture for playing and drawing.


Sustainable wooden toys

Wooden toys are attractive because they are beautiful and durable.

They meet several interests for the awakening of the child, whether it is stacking, pulling, construction or imitation toys.

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Toys for adventurers

Huts, teepees and other captivating toys for children from the age of 3.

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Musical instruments

Baby loves sounds, music entertains him. As soon as he starts to walk he likes to waddle.

Let the music ring!

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Wooden toys

The tradition of wooden toys continues for their durable quality and safety

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The educational toy - Timio

The language learning game without a screen!

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