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Create your list

To create your birth list, we suggest that you arrange a physical or remote appointment (Zoom) so that we can advise you and reflect your wishes in your selection.

Do not hesitate to consult our article dedicated to the preparation of the birth list on our Blog .


      The main stages

  • Selection of items, based on available stock but also on orders (catalogs of brands available)

  • Creation of the page dedicated to your list in 24 to 48 hours, with personalized message, visuals and language of your choice

  • Sharing your list very easily with your loved ones (web link)

  • List monitoring in real time on your dedicated page. You can add and remove items at any time before it closes

Items that will not be chosen by your loved ones can be purchased by you

or converted into vouchers to redeem on the site within one year of closing your list.

Your advantages

Reserved gifts to celebrate your list


From € 500: A discovery care kit Enfance Paris or Linea Mamma Baby (your choice)

From 1000 €: A voucher worth 100 € (valid for 1 year from the closing of the list)

From 1500 €: Permanent reduction of -10% for one year (from the closing of the list)


At the close, 10% of the amount collected will be offered to you as a gift voucher (valid for 1 year)



Help & Assistance form

+352 661 036 959


For any request related to the processing of personal data, send an email to:



9A, Côte d'eich

L-1450 Luxembourg


Our schedules

Mon: By appointment (9-20)

Tuesday- Sat : 10 - 18 

(except Frid : 11 - 18)


Late opening until 20:




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